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Bernadette Frontero has had a life long love affair with creating stunning and functional environments for her clients. Spanning over 30 years in the interior furnishings and real estate industries, her creative capacity for merging visual beauty with function and form has brought style and a sense of order to numerous commercial and residential projects. Her professional career began, when after graduating Cum Laude from the University of California San Diego, she founded VBF Enterprises, a furniture sourcing and procurement company, outfitting properties often in excess of 200 rooms.  

While running her Company, Bernadette pursued her love of real estate, serving as President for a privately held corporation invested in commercial real estate.  She's also bought and developed many residential properties, designing their interiors and staging them for sale.

After 18 years in San Diego, CA and a stint in upstate New York, Bernadette moved back to New York City and with her entrepreneurial spirit in tow, she started her new company, Spruce My Home, to provide luxury designer staging and interior styling services to homeowners, developers and real estate professionals.  With an aesthetic that is both smart and elegant, yet inviting and comfortable, Spruce My Home combines thoughtfully curated furnishings, vintage finds, and tasteful accents to transform spaces that inspire buyers to buy and homeowners to fall in love with their homes all over again. Spruce My Home's singular mission is to provide our clients with unparalleled service, fresh designs, and seamless execution.

Bernadette enjoys anything "history", cycling and swimming, renovating everything, travel, comfort food,  and of course.... cookies. ​

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